Alberto Rebori was born in Chiavari (Italy) in 1961. After classical studies, he attended the ISIA in Urbino, majoring in graphic art in 1984. As an illustrator and humorist, he received the Forte dei Marmi City Award (Tuscany) in 1997 and the Andersen Award for children's book Piccolo Re (Mondadori Publishing) in 2000.

He illustrated Philip Ridley, Jerry Spinelli and Anthony Horowitz novels for Mondadori Boy’s Books. He has also designed and implemented the graphic novel, Stendal in Milan, for the Library Sormani in Milan, and the book, The drummer of Garibaldi, for the Accademia of Santa Cecilia in Rome. He has continuously worked with several magazines and newspapers, including Linus, Italian Vanity Fair , Esquire Italian edition, Elle Italy and Corriere della Sera, and with the publishers Mondadori , Rizzoli (RCS) , Corraini , Guanda Publishing , Pulcinoelefante and Nuages, which has published Home Sweet Home, his most recent book. For Guanda Publishing, Alberto Rebori develops all Wodehouse’s book covers. He illustrated Cuore of De Amicis (Corraini Publisher) and also for Corraini L'Artusi (classic book of Italian cuisine) . For Editoriale Scienze of Trieste, he has designed the popular science books: The Physics of Meow (La fisica del miao) and The Physics of Woof (La fisica del Bau). He illustrated the poems of Alda Merini, Sebastiano Vassalli , Fernanda Pivano and Giorgio Manganelli, for Pulcinoelefante Publishing, who released in Italy, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg poetry books. He made drawings of the characters and scenes of the film, What animal are you (Che animale sei?) Produced by RAI Fiction. His artistic creativity in the illustration for newspapers, magazines and books led him to paint with a personal and surreal style which is always recognizable .

Exhibitions at the Gallery Affiche in Milan

  • with Gianluigi Toccafondo Saints (1990)
  • with Federico Maggioni Cuore (2000)
  • with Alberto Casiraghy Alberto & Alberto: Apricot Dreams (2003)

Personal exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna

  • Autobus (1996)

Personal exhibitions at the Corraini Gallery of Mantova

  • Ancestors (Antenati), animal's oil portrait (2006)
  • Casanova, old italian rooms (2009)

Convent of the Annunciation of Pontremoli personal exhibition

  • Alberto Rebori (2010))

Personal exhibition at the Gallery Nuages in Milan

  • Home Sweet Home,Cat’s Watercolours (2013)

Personal exhibitions at the Corraini Libreria 121+

  • Buonappetito, food's oil portrait (2014)

He has five cats, a wife, and a daughter and even until now he still can’t tell them apart.